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Impressions > Clicks > Leads - We want money!


Impressions > Clicks > Leads - We want money! 🤑

👨‍🏫As an analytical person math, metrics, and results are preferred to systematically deliver consistent results. We often hear "we get clicks but how many of those clicks are actual leads". Well, let's figure that out🧐

This exercise is for Google SEO and Ads marketing and does not include any other form of marketing. Sit back and collect leads kind of marketing. For websites using search engines for marketing it starts with Impressions. Impressions are Google Search Appearances.

Let's begin, if your website received 58 clicks for given month and you're DISCIPLINED in asking "what brought you to our website" or have a web form field you can start to confirm how leads are generated.

For this example 58 clicks resulted in 15 sales.
The question is how many sales do you want?
Let's say 100 sales.

9.67k Impressions (Google Search Appearances) resulted in 58 clicks which generated 15 sales. If we take 9,670(Impressions) and divide by 15(sales) we get 644.67... That means for every ~644.67 (Impressions) we achieve one sale. For us to get ~100 sales we need to appear ~64,000 (impressions) times in Google.

How many Google Search Appearances or Impressions does your website currently appear? Don't know? What gets measured gets done.

The average website WITHOUT marketing appears in a common range of 20-700 impressions a month. Using the example above (644.67:1) a website could be experiencing a single sale every 32 months 😵.

Metrics and information provided herein were from actual clients. Not every business nor industry performs the same. Experience and performance will vary but method for measuring results is the same regardless.

Don't like math? Message us and we'll build trust🤝.

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