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Every vision needs a great team for execution.

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Candace Peters

Solution Consultant

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Solution Design
  • Account Management

Enjoys working with businesses to solve problems and provide customized strategy to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction. Ensure client requirements are achieved and executed within expectations. Moving clients in the direction of their vision and goals.

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Tyler Fleming


  • Windows and Linux Servers
  • IT Automation
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Infrastructure
  • Virtualization with Microsoft’s Hyper-V
  • Microsoft SCCM, now known as Endpoint Manager

I put the focus where your business needs it, by implementing or improving your existing IT Infrastructure. Where you’re looking to expand your current Infrastructure and/or maintain it in a more reasonable fashion, I’m here to help. I want you to have your environment setup and without you having to touch anything can manage itself through automation tools and scripts, be it servers that are physically in the office or servers in the cloud.

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Liz Gurley


  • Developmental Editor
  • Ghost Blogger
  • Brand Stroyteller

It's taken me a long time to find my voice. Born into and raised in a religion I never believed in, I learned to keep my thoughts to myself for fear of judgment and an afterlife spent in eternal flames. I found solace, and discovered myself, in my diary. It took 36 years for me to become the woman I wrote about. Through a series of roles in my 23-year career--from corporate to non-profit to sole proprietorship--I finally admitted my obsession with words and became a certified editor. I am publishing my first book, I Was a Good Wife, in 2020 and I'm excited to wake up every day and help other writers tell their stories.

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Anastasia Smith

Marketing Director

  • Social Media Content
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Quality Control
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Follower Growth Expert

Passionate about organic growth marketing with true followers and fans of products and services provided by businesses. Enjoys freeing people to provide their products and services while their message is on-point and distributed professionally and flawlessly. Specializing in quality content that meets the audiences needs while paired with business needs for a combination that results in success.

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Corey Michael

Brand Strategist

Corey Michael Headshot
  • Personality-Driven Marketing Strategies
  • Brand Development (Graphic design, brand story, UVP)
  • Visibility (Directory and reputation management)
  • Promotion (Traditional, digital, and social media)
  • Nurturing / Client Journey
  • Automation

With over a decade of experience working in media, marketing and communications, Corey leverages his passion for people, his creative outlook, and his love for technology to help businesses, churches, and nonprofits reach their full potential. Using a variety of personality assessments, Corey has the ability to understand the needs, desires, triggers, and frustrations of business owners, and then create specific marketing strategies to help them build their brand without unnecessary expense or burnout.

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Maribeth Slovasky


Maribeth Slovasky
  • Editor
  • Publish Author
  • Personal Writer
  • Creative Writer
  • Public Speaker

Maribeth began her career in the classroom, teaching Language Arts and Public speaking in grades 7-12. After earning her Master’s Degree in Writing at The Ohio State University, she moved to the Puget Sound area, owning and operating a tutoring franchise. She's been an author, editor, and freelance writer exclusively since 2010 and pride herself on combining her creativity with her attention to detail, producing a finished work that you will enjoy reading, learn from, and is mistake-free. 

Expressing Your Success!

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Jimmy Smith

Business Marketing Strategist

Jimmy Smith
  • Brand Vision
  • Marketing Intent
  • Return on Investment
  • Analytics
  • Customer Relations
  • Marketing Performance

Focusing on results to deliver customer expectations. Establishing strong relationships with team approach to successful marketing strategy to provide quality product and customer service. Bring desirable business to quality businesses is one of the best ways to promote quality communities.
A true success is to see business grow to a point where they can bring marketing in-house. As much as we love working with our clients we really do want to see them grow to where they can achieve enough success they outgrow us.

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